Wearing the World with Gold Clover Co.

September 16, 2018

Gold Clover Co. just launched their new Fall Collection, so it was perfect timing to bring Layla in for the next feature in our Meet the Maker Series!  We chatted with Layla about where Gold Clover Co. originated, why Layla and Dimitri create with only ethnically traded goods, what the Fall Collection entails, and what's to come in the future - here's a hint: lots of artisan goods from various countries the Gold Clover Team has visited!


Where does the name Gold Clover Company come from?


I  have always loved clovers since I was a kid, and had a different clover necklace throughout each stage of my life. But the Gold Clover necklace came from my grandma about four years ago, and that became the emblem of the company. 



What is the heart of your company?  What’s your mission? 


Gold Clover Company has proudly pursued a mission of creating upscale jewelry for everyday budgets. We believe the right jewelry accents can transform any ensemble, so we actively dedicate ourselves to produce hand-crafted chains and pieces of the utmost quality. At the end of the day, our goal is to design products that make our customers feel good but look even better.    


When and how did you get started making jewelry? 


I started out making those string bracelets most of us made as kids in elementary school. I took it to the next step and started using buttons and wire to create artistic pieces of jewelry in middle school where I actually sold some! In high school is where I matured my work and used agate slices, gemstone beads, vegan leather, and other trendy pieces. While I was trying to fundraise for a mission trip in April 2017, Dimitri pushed me to create Gold Clover Company to help my fundraising process. 


You create with only ethically traded, all-natural gemstones, geodes, and pearls.  Why is this important to you?  What would you want your customer to know about your decision to create this way? 


It's important for people to see the natural beauty of the Earth, because we take it for granted or don't even know about the amazing things it has for us to enjoy. What better way to create awareness of our beautiful Earth than to wear it? That's why we came up with "wear the world."



What is your making process like?  Do you make in batches/one piece at a time?


There are certain colors and themes I want to use for the various seasons and I incorporate those into my bead selections process. I usually decide what style I want to make, and then I play with the beads and see which stones would look good in each style. I start by making one of each style and then I make them in batches after I've figured out my entire line and I'm fully satisfied with it.


And what part does Dimitri play in all of the making?


Candles were introduced when Dimitri was inspired by living with five boys to create a scent that would lift the mood of every room. We also have a photographer from Houston-Christian Pena who is an artist with his camera and delivers more than we ask for. 



You just launched a new Fall Line – tell us a little about it!


The fall is super exciting because we get to use the Aggie maroon and silky jasper to create a game-day themed line. There's a lot of maroon and white, and the jasper adds a nice transition into the fall season. Gardenia is the signature scent of Gold Clover Co., but we are coming out with Cider as well that will represent cozy autumn days. Through our travels this summer we have brought back some Greek sandals to compliment the collection and create more awareness to cultures throughout the world. 



What do you see yourself creating in the future?  Is there anything we should expect to see in Market 1023 anytime soon?


We are slowly bringing more items from around the world into Gold Clover Co.! There will be embroidered tops coming soon that are handmade from Mexico, along with our own Gold Clover Co. shirts. I am always looking to create more awareness to all the cultures in the world and to support the local artisans in the various places I travel, which is why there will be more items coming in from different countries. 


 Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a maker?


Ignore all the doubts you create in your own mind! I have been a maker my whole life, and it took the support of one of my friends to move past the negative thoughts I was having about making this business real.  


All photos courtesy of Ten23 Photography


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