Farm to Market takes Ordinary to Extraordinary

Farm to Market is one of our long-time vendors. They transform industrial bolts and gears into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. From cake stands to bookends, they come up with endless ideas of how to repurpose items for everyday use.


1.Where does the name Farm to Market come from?


We wanted it to remind us of our childhood. We grew up in a small community and our main path of travel was Farm to Market roads. Also, we started selling our designs with Market 1023 and everything was made at our 5 acre farm, truly going from farm to market.



2. What is the process from idea to product?


We have very different design approaches. Michael work more from an artist approach and he makes unique products out of ordinary items. Kelli is more technical and sketches each piece before implementing.




3. Do you sketch out everything?


Customer orders always. Other items not as much.




4. Make things several times over?


Occasionally, but not our norm.




5. How long does it take you to come up with new products?


Sometimes hours, sometimes months. 



6. Y’all are a team of two, how do you divide up work?


We balance each other really well. Our approaches are very different but some how we meet in the middle to get products out. Since personalities are so different, Kelli interacts with customers and clients more, Michael does most of the shop work.


7.How would describe your style?


Primarily industrial



8. Where did y’all get inspiration from?


Metal pieces we come across, Pinterest, market days,etc. We are always searching for inspiration



9. Do you think your style and furniture has evolved over time? 

Yes, hopefully our style always evolves with the unique items we find and what is trending.



10. Any advice for someone who wants to start making furniture?

Jump in, be creative and have fun with it. Don't be overly critical of your work.


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