Lit Lamps with Linda!

Linda is the woman behind the one of a kind lamps in the store. She takes projectors, fans, boxes, and whatever she can get her hands on and turns them into a statement lamp. She is the Mary Poppins of the store: when Linda shows up, she always surprises me with a new creation or an incredible vintage find.  I finally find out how she got started and can't wait to share.




1)  When did you start making lamps?

About 25 years ago, while out doing my usual Saturday morning junkin', I found a lamp I loved for $1.00.  I got it home only to find out is was a dollar because it didn't work.  


It was before the internet and YouTube videos so I got out my handy home repair book and learned how to wire a lamp and was very proud of my accomplishment!  


This turned into a tsunami of repairing lamps and chandeliers which eventually led to creative lamp making.  Vintage blenders become bar lights, vintage cameras, old movie projectors, tool boxes, antique fans and whatever else I may find become lamps. I have a passion for a somewhat profitable hobby that keeps this grandma off the streets and out of the bingo parlors!



2)   How long does it take you to repurpose an object and make it into a lamp? Do you have to do any prep work prior to adding the light bulb? Walk me through the process.

Time is variable depending on whether a new socket, switch and or cord is needed. Average is probable 30 minutes. Chandeliers can take hours.  


3) Do you have any projects you are working on right now?

Yes, I ALWAYS have projects I’m working on or that need working on!  Some days I spend hours then I may go for a few weeks and no do anything depending on how the spirit moves or if I have a horse race to go to!


4)   Where is your favorite place to go junkin'?

I have so many lamps and chandeliers that still need help I’m trying not to buy more! But I still can’t pass up a garage or estate sale if I see one while driving down the street.  And I still love going to the Round Top/Warrenton flea markets, too.  My daughter lives in Atlanta and garage and estate sales are one of the favorite things we do together and always do when I’m there or she’s here.


Once you get junkin’ in your system it’s hard to get it out.  Although I’ve scaled back, I’ll probably never quit!


If you want to shop Linda's lamps, stop by the store to see the full collection or grab one online here!



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