From Texas to Detroit - Wandering Flamingo

February 11, 2018

One of the oldest vendors in Market 1023 is Wandering Flamingo. Nikki, the owner of Wandering Flamingo, is true to her brand and has wandered from Texas to Detroit and now ships us new items. We look forward to when she sends us a new box with amazing vintage finds! She answered all questions vintage and I finally got the answer to the question, why the name Wandering Flamingo?

First and foremost, where did the name Wandering Flamingo come from?

My first pop up shop in Dallas, I sold pink flamingo yard ornaments Christmas covered in glitter, and sold out! So I became known as the flamingo lady.


What pushed you to open up a store?

I had been traveling around in a vintage school bus selling clothes in Austin, and was looking for a home base to settle into. I drove my bus to Bryan/ College Station and had such an incredible response that I returned three months later and opened a store front. 


Readers may not know this but you have moved up to Detroit. How is the vintage up there different from Texas?

The vintage in Detroit is truly incredible! In Texas it was more of a hunt, but in Michigan it's everywhere. 


What percentage of your closet is vintage? Are there items you refuse to buy new?

Most of my closet is vintage or second hand. I really believe in bringing new life to old or previously worn clothing. I refuse to buy new jackets, because I like the vintage styles and quality of older coats. 


What’s it like to have a remote booth? How do you manage booth the store in Detroit and the booth here? 

It's nice having a booth in Bryan, and one in Dallas. It requires staying on top of inventory levels and shipping restock, but it funds my vintage shopping habit here in Detroit. 


What’s the process to shopping for vintage? Any there things you always buy, and there things you never buy?

I would say the process is to always be looking. You can find vintage everywhere. The work never stops. I always buy cool, old denim if it has a unique construction, and concert tees. As far as things I never buy,I try not buy anything with stains, rips or missing buttons. 


What trends do you think will be big this year?

I think bright colors and florals will be in style for Spring/ Summer. I'm also a fan of the high waisted pants (or shorts) and crop top combo. Oh, and vintage style accessories such as purses, unique jewelry and belts.


Any advice for people we want to get into the vintage game. Shopping for themselves or maybe thinking of opening a store.

I would say when buying vintage for yourself, always check the inside seams of the item you're interested in buying. Make sure everything is intact and there aren't any holes or fading. When trying on garments, make sure they fit properly or have them taken to a tailor for the best  fit. 


And Don't forget to check out Wandering Flamingo's online shop here.



The Wandering Flamingo

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