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The Urban Rubbish booth at Market 1023 is known for their incredibly eclectic items. You never know what strange, cool, unique object you are going to find. From handmade to vintage, you can always find a jewel. The owners are as delightful and fun as their booth and are talented wedding floral designers to boot. We talk all about their origins, their favorite flowers, and their favorite place to antique. 




Readers may not know this but y’all are a mother in law and daughter in law team. What’s the story behind the decision to go into business together. What were were y’all envisioning your business to become?  

Janine and I both were wedding coordinators prior to even meeting each other.  We kept helping each other with weddings that we had each booked and after collecting a ton of junk for mine & Brett’s wedding. So we decided why not combine our efforts and work together!  


Y’all are first and foremost wedding florists, what inspired y’all to open a booth?

Our booth space and junking has pretty much been a side to our love for wedding work. We are often asked by our clients to find unique decor pieces and we even have a pretty expansive rental collection!  The booth feeds our addiction of collecting junk. If we get a wild hair to create something unique, the booth provides us a space to market those creations.  If we aren’t knee deep in some project, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  It’s very rare that we aren’t into something!



What’s your favorite flower to arrange with? Does it change with season? Or year to year?

Janine says her favorites change with the season.  It’s like Christmas when we get new product in!  One of our signature flowers would have to be the garden rose.  We love the smell and ruffled vintage look.  We will often splurge with our own money to make sure that our brides have the most luxurious blooms to carry down the aisle.  We do, however, love to forage unique textures and colors straight from the side of the road.  We always keep a pair of clippers in our cars.  Don’t be surprised if you see us in your neighborhood snipping a few branches!



Follow up, what is going to be hot this year in wedding floral design?

We have seen a swing towards more organically styled bouquets and bohemian feels.  Colors for weddings tend to follow along with the Pantone colors of the year and usually take about a year to catch up.  So this past year almost every wedding requested marsala (2016 color of the year) & blush tones and this year we are seeing the trend swing towards greenery (the 2017 color of the year).  





How long have y’all been in business together? And where do y’all see your business in the next five years?

We officially started our business in 2012, but started working together in 2011.  In five years, we hope to relocate to some land outside of town where we can start our little homestead complete with our own home grown blooms and workshop.



Inside your booth you have the most interning and eclectic dishes, I’ve always wanted to know where do they come from?

You haven’t seen even half of our collection hahaha!  We have over 250 unique vintage dinner plates in our rental collection.  We love searching for new pieces; it’s really like treasure hunting!  They are found at estate and garage sales, junk shops and everywhere else you can imagine!  We both also have full collections of our own in our own dish cabinets.  



Where is your favorite place to go antiquing and why? 

The side of the road! 

Janine surprises me with what all she can fit into her little SUV!  We do love the Highway 80 sale and find so many amazing bargains there.  And of course, we have to say Round Top, but we go to the junk section to scout pieces that need a little love!  We are true bargain hunters!




Want to book Urban Rubbish for your wedding or event (or just check out their amazing work)? Visit there website here

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