#TBT - Down by the River

February 23, 2017

We wanted to go back to 2012 when we photographed this session in Castroville, Texas because we're about to revisit this location for a very special session. We have said if we had to move away from Bryan/College Station and still stay in Texas, we would end up in Castroville. It is a historic little town right outside of San Antonio with a rich cultural heritage. The historical homes are in incredible condition and the Medina River (location of the photos below) is breathtaking. It doesn't hurt that Robby's mom lives just down the road in a neighboring town. 

Fast forward 5 years and we're heading back down there next weekend to take Robby's sister-in-law's maternity photos at the Medina River. It is going to be such a beautiful session. We'll be sure to post them here when they're all done!


In the meantime, enjoy!













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