June 21, 2016


 After what feels like an eternity, we have the blog up and running! We've really wanted to get a chance to share what we love to do and all of the fun stories that go along with it. The blog will feature anything from home decor, photography, and furniture makeovers, to Market 1023 news, and tips and tricks. 


Around this time last year, we were searching all over town for cheap pieces of furniture that we could slap some paint on to give a whole new life. That's where all of this started. We were getting ready to move into our first place together, but we needed to fill it with things that that fit both of our styles. We spent the entire summer refurbishing dressers and beds and buying our first set of sofas. When it came to pillows, we had that covered. Gabe's impressive sewing skills were put to use and we had pillows that looked like they came out of ... Market 1023. We searched everywhere for a ladder, but couldn't find one without having to ship it across the country. We were a bit inspired with the work we had done, so we decided to try and just make the ladder ourself. It worked and just like that, we had an Etsy shop! Market 1023 came about over dinner as we were throwing around words and significant names and numbers in our lives. If you didn't know, 1023 is for October 23rd, which happens to be our anniversary!


Now fast forward about a year later and we're less than two weeks from opening our first shop. The stress is very high, but the excitement is even higher. There's nothing like sitting back and appreciating everything that has happened the last year. It feels like chapter two is starting and it's much more exciting and scary at the same time. 


We'll leave you with some Sweet T. In December of 2015, we participated in our first Vintage Market show and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Just six short months ago, we jumped right into it, and now we're almost professional packers.  Every show we do people tell us "I didn't think it would turn out this good" as they watch us unload our trailer.  We spent the past weekend with our Sweet T family in Montgomery at the Lake Conroe KOA Camp at another Sweet T Show.  Now that our last show until the grand opening has passed, it's work work work until July 1st! 


-Gabe & Robby









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