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November 12, 2018

Michelle with Wulf Vintage joined us for the next interview in our Meet the Maker Series!  We talk all about vintage and what inspires her, what else Michelle does with Wulf Vintage, and what she thinks the next thing in vintage will be!  

We have a good hunch, but our customers may not know, so to get started, where does the name Wulf Vintage come from? 

I’ve been selling vintage clothes since 2011 under different names, but eventually I would always grew sick of whatever name I was selling under. As I became more serious about this business in 2017 I knew I had to pick a permanent name to stick with so I could grow a steady following and I suppose “brand” myself. My last name is “Wulfson” and I’ve always...

October 1, 2018

We caught up with Lauren of Trinidad Leather for the next interview in our Meet the Maker Series!  We talk about beginnings of the company, where Lauren's inspiration and influence comes from, future plans, and what she's been up to lately!   Lauren shared that her brand has grown to be more "normal" now - and when she says "normal," it might not be what you're expecting.  Catch it below -

Where does the name Trinidad Leather come from?

There’s an LED sign behind a welding warehouse down Hwy. 6 on the way to Hearne that says Trinidad on it. I don’t know why it’s there, I don’t even think that’s the name of the welding business. But it was lit up one night & I thought it looked so cool. I probably forg...

September 16, 2018

Gold Clover Co. just launched their new Fall Collection, so it was perfect timing to bring Layla in for the next feature in our Meet the Maker Series!  We chatted with Layla about where Gold Clover Co. originated, why Layla and Dimitri create with only ethnically traded goods, what the Fall Collection entails, and what's to come in the future - here's a hint: lots of artisan goods from various countries the Gold Clover Team has visited!

Where does the name Gold Clover Company come from?

I  have always loved clovers since I was a kid, and had a different clover necklace throughout each stage of my life. But the Gold Clover necklace came from my grandma about four years ago, and that became the emblem of the company....

September 2, 2018

We caught up with Sabrina from LilyRuby Art for the next post in our Interview with the Maker Series!  You might have seen Sabrina outside the shop live painting these past few months.  We chatted about the origins of her business, inspiration and motivation, and things to come! 

Where does the name LilyRuby Art come from?  

The name LilyRuby Art came about a few years ago. I was creating my Etsy shop and needed to name it. I knew my full name would be hard to remember/spell (Hegefeld is not the easiest) so I started trying to think of other ideas. I wanted a name that was meaningful to me and that I would love forever. My dogs, who are my furry children, are name Lily and Ruby. I rescued them both from th...

August 26, 2018

Meet Mary Beth & Garrett. Mary Beth started working for us at our shop, Market 1023. When we found out she was getting married, we knew it was going to be an incredible wedding. She approached us about shooting her big day and we immediately said yes. We knew the floral would be out of this world since she works for the incredibly talented Urban Rubbish. We booked her about a year in advance and waited patiently for it all to come together. Every detail was so beautifully executed and you could tell Mary Beth and Garrett had the time of their lives. 

This was our first wedding at Peach Creek Ranch and it was better than we had ever dreamed. The bride/groom suites were so beautiful and comfortable and outdoor ceremo...

August 21, 2018

An early morning engagement session in Historic Downtown Bryan. Industrial brick walls mixed with overgrown foliage made this engagement a charming downtown experience.

You know those punny greeting cards in the store that always make you laugh? Shawn Smyth is the woman behind it all. We talk about what got her into the greeting card business, future projects, and advice to future makers.

How did you get started making cards? 

I got started making cards in 2014, shortly after I graduated college. I had fallen in love with this super cute handmade shop in Denton called the DIME Store, and would spend as much time as I could hanging out there, marveling at the amazing things people were making with their two hands.

One day, the owner was working behind the counter and we struck up a conversation. I asked how people get started becoming a part of this store, and she went into detail ho...

Kristy is the woman behind the wooden art pieces in our store. We talk about how she got started and learn about the long process of creating her artwork. 

You make these incredible pieces all made out of wood and perfectly pieced together. How did you start making these pieces? 

I have always been drawn to working with my hands and am a little bit (okay maybe a lot) of a perfectionist. I studied architecture when I went to A&M and loved the process of making models so in my senior year, I decided I needed to take advantage of the university's amazing woodshop while I still could. I'm so glad I did. I fell in love with woodworking immediately. After I graduated, I worked in architecture for two years before having m...

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